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Roastel Italian Espresso 8oz

Roastel Italian Espresso 8oz

  • $10000

Hand roasted in small batches in T&T, craft roaster Roastel sources the world's best beans for their single origin and blended coffee.

A blend of top quality, dry and wet processed coffee beans, including from Trinidad & Tobago. Roasted on demand with a unique profile to create a full layered taste with hints of fruit and nut and that extra caffeine kick.  The blend also allows for a better grind and when used with the right techniques and equipment, an excellent espresso shot. Don’t let that stop you from making a fantastic cup with the brewing method of your choice.
Full City Roast (Medium)
Packaged in a resealable zip bag with a one way valve to preserve the freshness of the coffee. Roasted and packaged to order.


  • 8oz
  • Whole Beans

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